Transporter Certified™ is an industry standard that ensures hepatocytes have physiologic transporter function, metabolic competence and appropriate regulatory pathway functionality, under culture conditions that Qualyst has defined. In sandwich culture, the intracellular concentrations (ICC) in Transporter Certified hepatocytes reflect physiologic conditions because the hepatocytes express functioning uptake and efflux transporters and develop bile pockets similar to bile canaliculi.

Transporter Certified are available from our partners listed below. In addition, we provide AccuLIVER™ kits that enable our clients replicate the culture conditions we have optimized for Transporter Certified hepatocytes.  Learn more about our AccuLIVER kits.

Available Lots of Human Transporter Certified Hepatocytes

Partner Lot Yield
(millions cells/vial)
Certification Sheet Partner Data Sheet Order Link
BioreclamationIVT DJJ 7.4 PDF application/pdf PDF application/pdf
BioreclamationIVT IVL 6.7 PDF application/pdf N/A
iVAL HH1055 PDF application/pdf N/A
iVAL HH1107 6.1 PDF application/pdf N/A
ThermoFisher HU1824 8.3 PDF application/pdf N/A
ThermoFisher HU1894 13.3 PDF application/pdf N/A
ThermoFisher HU8236 10.0 PDF application/pdf N/A
TRL/Lonza HUM4180A 7.2 PDF application/pdf N/A
XenoTech HC2-27 6.0 PDF application/pdf N/A
XenoTech HC3-26 6.0 PDF application/pdf N/A