Dynamic Multi Organ Plates

The HUDMOPTM system cultures human tissues that are representative of specific organs, in a custom-designed mesoscale plate.  The organs are connected by a simulated vascular system that allows small molecules to enter and leave an organ chamber via passive diffusion through a semi-permeable membrane. Variations in organ mass and vascular perfusion area are taken into account and there is no net exchange of culture media. Each organ cell (i.e. tissue) can be cultured under optimal conditions.

The HUDMOP system enables investigation of how a compound will affect an organ, and the affect on the next organ along the primary route of exposure.  For example, it is possible to study multiple interactions such as:

  • Gut to liver
  • Skin to liver
  • Lung to liver
  • Liver to other organs

Data from studies that use the HUDMOP system is used to develop the ADMET profile of a compound and understand its systemic toxicity risks.