AccuLIVER™ Kits

AccuLIVER™ kits enable our clients to duplicate the experimental conditions that we have developed and routinely use in our laboratory. Designed to be used with Transporter Certified™ hepatocytes, each kit includes the materials and protocols required to answer your liver-specific questions using our in vitro hepatic models. The package insert provides detailed instructions to implement the study protocol. Where required, kits contain a research license to use Qualyst’s proprietary technologies.

Our AccuLIVER™ kits, when combined with Transporter Certified™ hepatocytes, have demonstrated better in vitro-in vivo correlation than conventional models, because the hepatocytes express physiologically-relevant transporter function.

Kits Components and Specifications

AccuLIVER kits are available to support a broad range of in vitro assays that are critical for understanding the pharmacokinetics of drugs and gaining regulatory approval.

Kits contain Qualyst’s proprietary QualGro Media that provides optimal plating and growth conditions for Transporter Certified hepatocytes.

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