From lead selection through regulatory submissions, we partner with our pharmaceutical-company clients to answer liver-related questions.

Many of our client engagements start with consulting support to help our clients map out a strategy to investigate hepatotoxicity, drug-drug interactions, metabolism, and hepatic clearance. The goal of our strategies is to develop the evidence necessary to advance a lead to the clinic, and ultimately to gain regulatory approval. We provide a full range of in vitro hepatic modeling services and have flexible processes that complement our clients’ internal processes.

Clients use our data and study reports throughout their discovery and development processes, through to regulatory submissions, for routine screening, and in post-marketing support. Additionally, we work with clients to help them understand the mechanism of action and predict drug efficacy in the treatment of liver disease.

Transporter Certified Hepatocytes, and our AccuLIVER™ kits make it possible for clients to establish the culture conditions that we use in our own laboratories.