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Our Technologies

Transporter Certified Hepatocytes

Transporter Certified™ is an industry standard that ensures hepatocytes have physiologic transporter function, metabolic competence and appropriate regulatory pathway functionality, under culture conditions that Qualyst has defined. In sandwich culture, the intracellular…

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C-DILI Assay

The C-DILI Assay is a novel in vitro method to evaluate a compound’s potential for cholestatic drug-induced liver injury (DILI). The C-DILI Assay has demonstrated high in vitro – in vivo correlation…

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B-CLEAR® Technology

B-CLEAR technology is a patented methodology that allows quantitation of biliary efflux in an in vitro model using hepatocytes that have functioning uptake and efflux transporters, and form bile pockets that are…

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Dynamic Multi-Organ Plates

Dynamic Multi Organ Plates The HUDMOPTM system cultures human tissues that are representative of specific organs, in a custom-designed mesoscale plate.  The organs are connected by a simulated vascular system that allows…

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NASH Model

Accelerate your NASH drug discovery and development programs with our NASH model. We use our unique human hepatocyte model to design and implement in vitro studies to generate data that our clients…

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